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Athletics Information

  • Peoria Unified is proud of its award-winning athletics programs. To find more information about participating in, sponsoring, or attending athletic events in the district, please visit the school website. 


  • Elementary Athletic Schedules:
    Elementary Athletics Calendar (game dates)
    Copper Conference Schedule
    Turquoise Conference Schedule
    Cross Country Schedule

    Watch Peoria Unified Athletic Events Live and On-Demand

    To stream one of Peoria Unified's games online, please visit psbnonline.com

    Disclaimer: There are many fraudulent Facebook event pages and Twitter accounts promising streams of sporting events who tag our schools, teams, coaches and even players. These are scams which can be used to steal your login combinations and either sell them on the web or use the combinations in an attempt to take over personal accounts such as social media or your banking information. This includes events and pages who appear credible but within  their links, they take you to an outside source, which is clickbait. If you are being re-routed to a strange URL to watch a game, or if it asks you to log in or create an account, please be aware. If you hover over a link that is not owned by the school, PSBN, NFHS Network, Sports360AZ, or AZPrepSpotlight, reach out to the school that is hosting the stream and confirm. 

    For questions, comments or concerns about Athletics, please reach out directly to the Atheletic Director at your school site (high school) or school administration (elementary school). 

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  • Mark Ernster
    Mark Ernster
    Director of Athletics