Safety Resolution

  • At the December 11, 2018 Governing Board Meeting, the Peoria Unified Governing Board voted unanimously to adopt a the following resolution to declare support for safety and well-being.

    WHEREAS, The U.S. Congress findings state, to succeed in school, students need to be physically and mentally healthy. They need to maintain overall well-being in a safe environment, work cooperatively with others, be good communicators and effective problem-solvers;

    WHEREAS, student safety is a prerequisite for consistently high levels of academic and social development;

    WHEREAS, our public schools are charged not only with supporting student achievement, but also providing support for mental and physical health, personal growth and civic engagement;

    WHEREAS, Peoria Unified School District #11 prioritizes the safety and well-being of our students, employees and community members, by providing safe and welcoming spaces and recognizing that mental health is a major component of school safety;

    WHEREAS, all students deserve access to services supporting and enhancing their physical, mental and emotional health.

    WHEREAS, the responsibility for keeping our community healthy is a shared responsibility and cannot be borne by public schools alone, and requires support from the family, community, local and state public safety agencies, and policymakers at the local, state and federal levels;

    BE IT RESOLVED, the Peoria Unified School District shall remain committed to supporting students, staff, families and community members through continuous evaluation and improvement in all areas of the comprehensive district strategic plan; stewardship of community resources, community connection, student success, and most importantly, ensuring we maintain supportive environments to nurture safety and well-being.