Heat Advisory Information

  • Peoria Unified heat advisory precautions are designed to protect students and staff from heat-related illnesses. To determine if adjustments need to be made to outdoor activities, athletics or the school day, Peoria Unified uses heat advisory guidelines.

    Excessive heat is defined as:

    1. A “Heat Advisory” issued by the National Weather Service for temperatures in excess of 110 degrees. – OR –
    2. A day when the Heat Index (the temperature outside + humidity percentage) is greater than 130.

    Peoria Unified administrators review the heat index daily in August and September. If there is excessive heat as determined by the definition above, schools will observe a rainy day schedule and cease outdoor activity and monitor the temperature as the day progresses and will make adjustments as needed. During excessive heat days, parents are not typically notified as it may occur frequently in the early fall or late spring.

    School nurses will be consulted regarding any student with a medical condition that requires limited exposure to heat.

    If a student or employee is experiencing any heat-related illness, the school nurse will be contacted immediately.

    Peoria Unified employees, coaches and trainers have specific guidelines they follow to prevent heat-related illness, which are outlined in the student and athletic handbooks.

    To help prevent heat-related illness, be sure your child is sent to school with a refillable water bottle and educate them on signs of heat exhaustion:

    • Cramps
    • Muscle spasms
    • Heavy sweating
    • Moist, clammy skin
    • Fainting or vomiting
    • Fever greater than 102 degrees
    • Dilated pupils
    • Headache
    • Rapid, shallow breathing
    • Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea

    Students experiencing any of the symptoms above should alert an employee immediately to get proper medical attention.