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    Though COVID-19 activity at the state, county, and city is on the rise, the transmission of cases for Peoria Unified staff and students since the return to school in September is approximately .006%. In fact, 3 Peoria Unified schools have no reported cases at all, and 27 of our schools have no active cases as of November 20, 2020.



  • Peoria Unified COVID-19 Dashboard


    The purpose of this data is to provide Peoria Unified families and staff with a transparent summary of active COVID-19 cases by school. An active case indicates that an individual was on site/campus and has tested positive for COVID-19. A case is considered active until the individual who tested positive is no longer in isolation. 


    Once an individual has been confirmed to have COVID-19, Peoria Unified’s COVID Response Team meets to gather additional information, identify any potential close contacts, and drafts communication for staff and the community. All positive cases are also reported to Maricopa County Department of Public Health (MCDPH). Anyone who is identified as a close contact receives a separate, additional notification that they may have been within six feet for 15 minutes or more with an individual diagnosed with COVID-19. If anyone is required to quarantine as a result of being a close contact, their notification will include a return date (note that a negative COVID-19 test will not allow an individual to return earlier than specified). Siblings of close contacts do not need to quarantine. Once an individual is cleared to return to campus, they are no longer considered an active case and their case is removed from the dashboard count. (Note: The dashboard is updated every Friday afternoon which includes adding any new cases and removing any inactive cases at that time).


    Due to federal laws that protect the privacy of the individual who is not well, we are unable to share any personal identifying information about who has tested positive.


    Note: The communication regarding positive, or potentially positive, COVID-19 tests falls within the HIPAA guidelines and the privacy rights of students and staff must be protected. 


    Disclaimer: All COVID-19 data shared by the Peoria Unified School District is for informational purposes only and will be updated every Friday afternoon. Information shared is based on what is shared with the district and can be verified. Data in the table below is current as of the time it is published. Peoria Unified is not liable for lack of information we have not received or been able to verify.




    Current Active COVID-19 Cases by School


    Positive cases are listed in the dashboard by school and include all students and staff members. Students enrolled in virtual instruction will only be included in the dashboard if they are participating in on-campus extracurricular activities at their home school.


    Note: If you received a letter from your school about a case but you do not see it reflected on the dashboard, it is because that person's isolation period has ended and it is no longer considered an active case. Letters are distributed based on when the district is notified about a positive case and the test is verified. 

School Active Cases Site Count (# Students/Employees) Resolved This Week Total Cases Since Reopening Active Case Percentage
Alta Loma Elementary 1 793 3 6 0.13%
Apache Elementary 1 746 0 6 0.13%
Cactus High School 3 1293 0 11 0.23%
Canyon Elementary/Sunflower Center 1 348 2 8 0.29%
Centennial High School 6 2179 6 25 0.28%
Cheyenne Elementary 0 653 0 7 0%
Copperwood Elementary 0 770 0 2 0%
Cotton Boll Elementary 0 873 0 1 0%
Country Meadows Elementary 0 1074 0 2 0%
Coyote Hills Elementary 2 836 1 9 0.24%
Desert Harbor Elementary 1 825 2 5 0.12%
Desert Palms Elementary 0 506 0 3 0%
Desert Valley Elementary 0 577 0 4 0%
District Site Other 3 2 13
Foothills Elementary 0 664 2 2 0%
Frontier Elementary 0 965 1 5 0%
Heritage Elementary 0 517 1 2 0%
Ira A. Murphy Elementary 1 498 0 3 0.2%
Ironwood High School 4 2156 0 12 0.19%
Kachina Elementary 0 427 0 0 0%
Lake Pleasant Elementary 0 1003 1 2 0%
Liberty High School 2 2643 5 30 0.08%
Marshall Ranch Elementary 0 737 0 4 0%
MET Professional Academy 0 5 Staff, Students vary 0 1
Oakwood Elementary 0 987 1 6 0%
Oasis Elementary 0 774 0 0 0%
Other* 1
Parkridge Elementary 0 969 0 1 0%
Paseo Verde Elementary 0 778 0 1 0%
Peoria Elementary 0 615 0 3 0%
Peoria Flex Academy 0 97 1 0%
Peoria High School 3 1608 0 23 0.19%
Peoria Traditional School 0 328 1 5 0%
Pioneer Elementary 0 472 0 2 0%
Raymond S. Kellis High School 2 2027 0 8 0.01%
Sahuaro Ranch Elementary 0 724 0 2 0%
Santa Fe Elementary 0 773 0 0 0%
Sky View Elementary 0 552 0 4 0%
Sun Valley Elementary 0 778 0 2 0%
Sundance Elementary 0 628 0 1 0%
Sunrise Mountain High School 1 2146 1 8 0.05%
Sunset Heights Elementary 0 1109 1 4 0%
Vistancia Elementary 1 1144 0 4 0.09%
Zuni Hills Elementary 1 971 0 2 0.1%


    *The school location labeled "Other" denotes an individual who visits multiple school sites. If there is a positive COVID case in this category, each community that is impacted will be notified. 

Additional Information

  • How does Maricopa County Department of Public Health define an outbreak?


    Maricopa County Department of Public Health (MCDPH) defines an outbreak as two positive COVID-19 cases within a 14-day period who do not share a household. If you see more than one case for a particular campus, but have not received a notice of an outbreak, it may be because MCDPH cannot link the cases or they have not yet provided us with the outcome of their investigation.


    At what level of outbreak do you recommend closing a school?

    Similar to determining when to reopen schools for in-person learning, the decision of when to quarantine a group of students or a classroom, or when to close a portion or all of the school will be made working in conjunction MCDPH. This may take into account a number of factors, including but not limited to:

    • The level of community transmission
    • Whether cases have been identified among students and staff
    • If cases are identified, how many classrooms are attached
    • Percent absenteeism in the school
    • Student population being affected (i.e. age of students, classrooms affected, etc.)
    • The model of instruction delivery and mitigation plans in place
    • The importance of in-person education to the social, emotional, and academic growth and well-being of the student population



    How will this be addressed?


    We immediately notify our Facilities Department to take appropriate measures to ensure any areas potentially exposed by this individual are thoroughly cleaned, including high-touch areas like doorknobs and countertops, and with the use of our Clorox 360 machine to disinfect the entire area.


    If I am close contact, can I "test out" of returning to campus?


    Per MCDPH, the incubation period of symptoms for COVID-19 is 14 days. Students must quarantine this entire time in case symptoms of COVID-19 develop at any time during this period. Siblings of close contacts do not need to quarantine. 

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