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  • Peoria Unified COVID-19 Dashboard

    The COVID-19 Dashboard provides our community with a summary of positive COVID-19 cases by school or site that are reported to the district and confirmed with positive lab results.

    Once an individual has been confirmed to have COVID-19, Peoria Unified’s COVID Response Team meets to gather additional information, identify and contact any potential close contacts. All positive cases are also reported to Maricopa County Department of Public Health (MCDPH).

    Due to federal laws that protect the privacy of the individual who is not well, we are unable to share any personal identifying information about who has tested positive.

    Note: The communication regarding positive, or potentially positive, COVID-19 tests falls within the HIPAA guidelines and the privacy rights of students and staff must be protected. 

    Disclaimer: All COVID-19 data shared by the Peoria Unified School District is for informational purposes only and will be updated daily to reflect the previous day's data when school is in session. Information shared on this page is based on what is shared with the district and can be verified with lab results. Data in the table below is current as of the time it is published. Peoria Unified is not liable for lack of information we have not received or been able to verify.

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  • COVID-19 Cases Reported to Peoria Unified With Verified Labs

    The dashboard represents positive cases that have had campus exposure during the individuals' infectious period. Reporting dates reflect when positive cases were verified, not the date the individual was on campus.

    Update 5.27.2021: We have removed the Percent Positive Cases column from the table as our campus populations can vary from day to day. We will continue to add case numbers as they are reported. 

  • *The school location labeled "Other" denotes an individual who visits multiple school sites. 

    • During the summer months, schools and district offices are closed on Fridays, therefore the dashboard will not be updated on Fridays. 
    • Data for Mondays each week will be updated on Tuesday mornings.
    • Data shown for a particular day does not represent the number of active cases on campus for that day. It includes cases that are reported to us by individuals or the county which are verified by the school or district on that day. 
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COVID-19 Dashboard FAQ

  • How often is the Peoria Unified COVID-19 dashboard updated?
    The new dashboard will be updated daily when school is in session. Information for daily positive confirmed cases by school site will be updated each morning and will reflect data from the previous school day. On Friday afternoons, a re-cap of the week will be updated on the website to provide a week in review. That report will remain in the weekly historical data report that will be available throughout the second semester to reflect changes that take place each week. 

    What does campus exposure mean?
    Campus exposure refers to when an individual who tested positive was physically on campus or at a Peoria Unified office/site during their infectuous period.

    What is the infectious period for a person with COVID-19?
    Based on current evidence, the infectuous period begins 48 hours before symptoms began and for up to 10 days following the onset of symptoms. If a person is asymptomatic, their infectuous period begins on the day they were tested, and 48 hours prior. 
    What does isolation mean?
    Isolation refers to a 10-day period of time that a person who is experiencing COVID-like symptoms or who has been diagnosed positive and needs to separate themselves from others.
    What does quarantine mean?
    A quarantine refers to the period of time that those who have been exposed to a person who tested positive for COVID-19 need to stay home and monitor for symptoms (which is currently 10 days). In accordance with new CDC guidelines, students following the new 10-day quarantine who are asymptomatic may test beginning on day 6 of quarantine and produce a negative nasal or saliva test (not a blood test). With a negative test result, students may return on or after day 8 of quarantine. Day 8 of quarantine would be the earliest anyone could return. If students have experienced any symptoms, however, they must quarantine the full 10 days or longer, until they are well. Students who do not present a negative test will need to remain in quarantine until day 10 and can return to school on day 11. All dates are determined by school administration and approved by the district’s COVID Response Team.
    Where do the guidelines for isolation and quarantine come from?
    Peoria Unified follows guidelines set by the CDC and the Maricopa County Department of Public Health. If you have questions about the guidelines we follow, please see the Maricopa County Department of Public Health Department's FAQ. You can also speak to someone directly at the Maricopa County Health Department by calling the COVID-19 Parent Hotline:

    - dial 211
    - press Option 6 for COVID-19
    - press Option 3 to connect to a hotline staff member

    You also can submit your questions through the Maricopa County Public Health Department's contact form.

    If my child has been vaccinated, will they still need to quarantine?
    In order to have the benefit of not quarantining, we will have to have proof of vaccination. While families are not required to provide it, they will need to do so if they want to avoid their child being quarantined, . 

    What if one of my kids is quarantined from being a close contact to someone who tested positive, do I need to keep my other kids home?
    No, only the individual(s) who have had “close” contact with a positive case will need to quarantine and monitor for symptoms. Should that person become ill and test positive for COVID-19 the other siblings would need to follow then follow close contact quarantine guidelines from their last exposure with the positive family member.
    When will I be notified of a positive COVID-19 case?
    If there are students who had “close” contact with the individual on a Peoria Unified campus or site who has been confirmed with a positive case of COVID-19, they will be notified by phone from a Peoria Unified staff member. They will also receive written communication regarding the quarantine from the school or site.
    How is being a "close" contact determined?
    Someone in close contact is defined as, “being within six feet for a cumulative of fifteen minutes during a 24-hour period or had physical contact with a person with COVID-19.”  Any student deemed to have been in close contact with the positive individual is required to follow the quarantine guidelines.

    What if I heard about cases at my school site but I'm not seeing it on the dashboard? 

    Cases included on the dashboard are ones that our school administration is made aware of, our district has a copy of the test results and our district's COVID Response Team has met to verify those results. Cases that have campus exposure during the person's infectious period are shown in the dashboard above on the day the district's COVID Response Team met to discuss the case. Cases that have no campus exposure are shown in the weekly report for cases without campus exposure that can be seen in the green box above or on this page. If you are aware of a case at your school site, you may contact your school administrator to report the case. 

    What if families or staff don't self-report their positive test?

    If students or staff do not personally self-disclose their positive test result with the district, those that are not self-reported will be shared with the district eventually by Maricopa County Department of Public Health. In the interest of safety, Peoria Unified prefers that our staff and families self-report all positive cases to us so that they can be addressed quickly. 

Last Modified on June 30, 2021