Peoria Unified's Process for Keeping Students and Staff Safe

  • At the January 28, 2021 Governing Board meeting, Superintendent Jason Reynolds shared an update regarding metrics and the process of changing the instructional status within our schools. 


    To determine if a school requires a change in their instructional status, rather than using Maricopa County's community metrics, the district will use a new framework that highlights the process for keepoing students and staff safe.


    The metrics are broken down into two components; health data and operational data. Health data consists of information on cases such as reported positivity percentage, absenteeism and Maricopa County outbreak data. Operational Data, while impacted by the health of our students and staff, provides guidance to determine whether the district can operationally provide an outstanding in-person learning environment.  


    Health Data Metrics:


    • Current Community Spread: Will be continuously monitored
    • Absenteeism:  10% of in-person students absent due to COVID-like illness school-wide
    • Information on Cases*: 1% reported positive cases for the week

    *Additional information reviewed for each school includes number of cases for the week (staff and students), number of cases the previous week, percentage of positive in-person learners, county outbreak status, current quarantines and potential cases pending results. 


    Operational Data Metrics:


    • Classroom Impact: 10% of staff out for illness or 25% of students out for any reason, including quarantine or non COVID-like illness
    • Social, Emotional and Academic Factors
    • Other Items to Consider: A county-designated outbreak with multi-cluster spread within two weeks


    When a school's health or operational data reaches any of these metrics, a discussion may be initiated by school leadership or the CRT to comprehensively review the data in all areas. The review team will include school/site leadership, school nurse, district lead nurse, district leadership, and members of the district's COVID-19 Response Team (CRT).


    The review team decision could include the implementation of additional mitigation strategies or continued monitoring of the school's data. It may be determined that there is a need to temporarily alter the instructional model of a classroom, program, grade level or school and/or modify scheduled athletics or extracurricular activities.



    What is a positive case?


    A positive case is self-reported to the school or district and confirmed with positive lab results or verified by Maricopa County Department of Public Health. Positive cases are also reported to the district directly by the county.


    How will I know if there is a change?


    The school works with the district's Communications team to get the message out to staff, students and the community.


    Why don't I see all of this information reflected on the district's Dashboard?


    Specific data on absenteeism, classrooms impacted and quarantine are not available on the district's Dashboard as each school site monitors their own daily attendance and quarantine information. This data, combined with the other metrics discussed during the CRT's daily calls with school leaders, is what my prompt the data discussion process.






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Last Modified on February 9, 2021